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My training includes courses with Hans Nebel at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Violin Workshops, beginning in 2006. This includes both external and internal repairs, proper set-up, and restoration work.

In June of 2007, I continued my education with a week of training in bow rehairing and some other bow work with Lynn Armour Hannings at the University of New Hampshire, and a week of varnish retouching with Hans Nebel   at MCLA.

     My training continued in June of 2008, with a week of neck resetting with Hans Nebel at MCLA.

In June 2009, I continued my education with another workshop at MCLA. It was a pleasure working with master restorer Hans J. Nebel again. The topic for the workshop was block replacement and rib repair.

      June 2010 found me back to MCLA for another week long workshop with Hans J. Nebel. The topic for the year was “Advanced crack repair and reinforcement”.

     The 2011 workshop covered neck grafting, fingerboards, and ebony button crowns.

     2012 Workshops were back to varnish retouching. Perhaps the most difficult of the restoration skills

     More workshops in 2013-2015. These included arching correction, patches, and much more.

Wall Independent specializes in violin and viola set-up, repair, restoration, and sales. Hilton, NY is located near the south shore of Lake Ontario, just northwest of Rochester, NY. We are about a 25 minute drive from the center of Rochester. (How to find us) We are located a short drive from the towns in western Monroe County (Greece, Brockport, Spencerport, Chili, Hamlin)

We are also the manufacturer of Luthier Lights (tm)

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